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In the Spring Breeze | 在春风里

Photo-transfer on vellum, fans, fishing wire, flash light

I’ve been thinking about a Chinese square. One that could be a stage for collective rituals that shape us, and also a long lost platform for public forum. Our generation, born between the 90s to 00s, was born and left on a blurry square. Compared to previous generations, political life has been vastly reduced in ours. After 1989, with the economic boom and globalization, Chinese daily lives were soon filled with consumerist entertainment. We grew up licking the socialism wrapped capitalism lollipop, overwhelmed by the sweet Chinese dream, taking part in all the spectacular miracles, while the square became more and more blurry… The abundance of material makes you wonder if the square is a myth. In the spring breeze of reformation, fans are moving, working…trying to move people around… The development of technology brought not only a more convenient life, but also a more censored life. National machinery never runs so smoothly, so subtly, and so absurdly. The crowd (or the multitude, the communities?) has never been so blurry and quiet as well. It’s not that there is no sound. There are always subtle sounds coming out. But with all the fans, sometimes on and sometimes off, the words are buried into the breeze and the blurriness. All I want to do is to invite you to take a look at that square. The one that we are not sure about, that we have been avoiding, that makes subtle sounds that we almost cannot hear.



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